Now there are pictures.

Christmas tree 1

You can see my Christmas tree and all my other decorations (messy house judiciously edited out) in this Flickr set. I posted them on Flickr instead of my LJ scrapbook so I could add notes to the photos.

I got my cards done today. Wish I could say they were in the mail, but the mail came early today, so they’ll go out tomorrow. Spent the rest of the afternoon blogging and taking/uploading/organizing pics. Now I’m going to go spike some eggnog and cajole my husband into putting in Elf and snuggling with me while I knit.


7 thoughts on “Now there are pictures.

    1. Okay, now that I’ve looked at your pictures–cute house! I love how Christmassy you’ve decorated it.
      As for my card–thank you. It wasn’t difficult at all. Just some stamps, embossing ink, embossing powder, and ribbon. It took a bit to stamp all the snowflakes, but other than that, no biggie. I’m glad you like it, though, and am honored that it’s on display.


      1. Thanks!
        I saw embossing powder when I was picking up cardstock at Hobby Lobby, but I had no idea how you used it. It looked like you needed a special gadget to set it, and gadgets aren’t in my budget right now. That card really is beautiful, though.


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