Review: Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

A Sensible Wife review of Natural Sources Raw ThyroidA few months ago, I ran out of my Levothyroxine prescription. It was time for my six-month thyroid checkup, which meant that my doctor’s office wouldn’t renew the script unless/until I came in for the blood work. Unfortunately, money was super-tight at the time, and as a self-employed freelancer, I don’t have insurance (and not sure if Obamacare’s actually going to be of any help in that regard, but that’s a whole ‘nother post). With having to pay out-of-pocket for both the office visit and the labs, we were looking at having to scrape together a pretty big chunk of change. So I had the bright idea of seeing how long I could go without my thyroid medication.

The answer: about two weeks. That’s how long it took for the Levo to work its way out of my system completely, and once it did, hoo boy did I notice! One day I was relatively fine. The next, suddenly I felt like I had the flu, except without all the fun snot and hacking up a lung that goes with it. But I had the fatigue and the body aches, and a thick fog that seemed to settle over my brain permanently, making it so I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. Pretty much all I wanted to do was sleep.

I suffered through that for a couple of weeks, all the while trying to figure out how we could work my thyroid checkup into the budget. And then, thank the Lord, a Facebook friend reminded me about the existence of OTC desiccatedย thyroid. I did some research on the available brands, and settled on Natural Sources Raw Thyroid, a bovine thyroid supplement available at health food stores without a prescription.

So, after praying about it and discussing it with my husband, I ran out to my local health food store and bought myself a bottle. I came home and took my first dose with a meal, as advised. Within an hour, I felt SO much better. It worked so well that at first I was concerned that it might just be a placebo effect, but after taking it a few days, I felt my normal self again. I’ve been taking it for a couple of months now, and I don’t miss my Levothyroxine at all.

When doing my research, I found that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding desiccated animal thyroid, which usually comes from either cows or pigs (although porcine thyroid products, like Armour Thyroid, usually require a prescription). Opponents say that this treatment is old-fashioned (it was the generally accepted treatment before the invention of Synthroid in the 1950s) and that animal thyroid is unregulated, so you’re not getting the same amount of the active ingredients in every pill as with lab-produced thyroid medications. Proponents argue that desiccated animal thyroid provides both T3 and T4 hormones, whereas synthetic thyroid meds only provide T4. They also point out that the doctors who seem the most down on the use of desiccated thyroid receive a lot of money from the pharmaceutical companies that produce Synthroid and Levothyroid.

I’m not going to argue which side is the right one. All I know is, the Raw Thyroid supplement I’m taking seems to be working as well as — possibly even slightly better than — the Levothyroxine I’ve taken for years and years. Of course, I still haven’t gone to the doctor to check my thyroid levels yet, which is something I intend to do as soon as I can. Thyroid disease is serious business, and it’s just not a good idea to self-medicate like this without a doctor’s supervision.

That said, I did notice some side effects in the beginning (warning – male readers who get twitchy about discussions of lady plumbing should just skip on down to the next paragraph). When reading reviews before I bought the product, some female users mentioned that it caused breakthrough bleeding and spotting. This happened with me as well, and my first period after I started taking it was a few days late. But the spotting stopped after that first period, and after I got through an entire cycle everything was back to normal.

The other side effect was hair loss. Not overly excessive, but a lot more than usual was coming out whenever I combed or washed my hair. This used to happen on the Levothyroxine whenever I would take it too close to meal time or taking my multivitamin. Since the instructions on the Raw Thyroid bottle said to take it with a meal, that’s what I was doing, mainly out of fear that it would make me nauseated otherwise. But eventually I got up the courage to try taking it without food, and my stomach was fine. So I started taking it first thing in the morning and waiting an hour before my first meal, just as I used to do with my prescription med. Once I did that, my hair stopped falling out.

So if you’re like me and getting by without insurance, I definitely recommend this thyroid supplement as an affordable solution when you just can’t make it to the doctor. It’s also a good choice for anyone who prefers homeopathic remedies to big medicine — just, like I said, you still want to be sure to get your thyroid levels checked regularly. Also, from a prepper standpoint, it would be a lot easier to add several bottles of this stuff to your emergency stash than it would be to get your doctor to write you a prescription for extra Synthroid.

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Do you have any experience with this product? Have you tried any other desiccated thyroid brands? Talk about your experience in the comments. I love to hear from you!


25 thoughts on “Review: Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

  1. Hi- thank you for this post! I just started taking Raw Thyroid today. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also take Iodoral and selenium which has made a big difference in how I feel!


      1. I’m still taking one capsule a day. One thing to note is that soy (including soybean oils found in processed foods and soy lecithin found in a lot of chocolates) can interact with it and block proper absorption. I had started feeling draggy, but my whole diet was off. I recently did the Whole30, which eliminated all the soy from my diet, and now I feel pretty great again.


  2. Thank you for writing this up. I recently, out of desperation due to having minimal health insurance, decided to take health matters into my own hands and started the Natural Sources raw thyroid supplement. Within a couple hours, I started feeling very different and more energetic. I also began menstruating on time (I am usually late and my periods are unpredictable thanks to PCOS). I was looking for more reviews online to see if Natural Sources is a real deal, or if I am just experiencing a placebo. I also wondered about side effects and if I should take it with meals. Your article was very informative on helping me make my decisions.

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  3. Hi im notice after one and half weeks
    Im weeing constantly at night
    Is that all my retained fliud? Is anyone else getting this ?
    Ive been taking three a day maybe thats to much ?
    Also my body is aching slighty? Is that normal
    Should i revert back to one etc


    1. Kristy, I’m not a doctor and I can’t give you medical advice, but three a day sounds really excessive. I only take one a day and that’s plenty. You should talk to your doctor about correct dosage.


  4. I am trying to locate the manufacturer’ website to learn more about this product. (i realize this post was added in 2013, but I am having no luck in 2016 through search engines to find the Natural Sources website.)


    1. Hi Laurie,

      I’m not affiliated with Natural Sources and I have no idea whether they even have a website. I get mine from a local health food store.


  5. oh, ps I just purchased a bottle from Vitacost for rapidly thinning hair and bouts of fatigue ( I’m 63 years old ) . . but I would just like to connect to the Natural Sources website to learn more before I try this product. Thanks, if you can help.


  6. I use to take Armour Thyroid (150 mg) in USA but I moved to the Philippines two years ago and there is no Armour Thyroid available here. I had no choice but to switch to Levothyroxine (250 mcg).
    I recently found a place where I can get Natural Sources Raw Thyroid but I didn’t know what dosage that I need to take being that the Natural Sources Raw Thyroid bottle: 390 mg but that is for the complex of tissue and not just the Thyroid Tissue.
    I also couldn’t find anything concerning the Thyroid mg amount alone. Then
    somehow found a UK site or blog (can’t remember which) which shows the same bottle as in USA withe a list of each of the Synergistic Complex. I have a picture of that on my cellphone. Break down is as follows:

    Thyroid tissue 50 mg, adrenal tissue 20 mg, pituitary tissue 10 mg, thymus tissue 5 mg, spleen tissue 5 mg, kelp 300 mg.

    With the thyroid tissue amount being 50 mg I-m taking three capsules a day.
    50mg x 3 150 mg which is the same as the Armour Thyroid that I use to take.

    I’ve been taking these for about 6 weeks and lately and have been feeling sleepy, dizzy and having trouble with my legs feeling jittery. I’m not sure if these symptoms are related to the Natural Sources Raw Thyroid . I’m thinking maybe it could be all of the tissues listed in this product that are not in the Armour Thyroid.

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    1. Thanks for the info. That’s helpful to know. Keep in mind, though, that 1 mg = 1000 MCG, so if you were taking 250 MCG of Levo you’d only need .25 mg. So 150 mg would equal 15,000 MCG. I would definitely consider lowering the dosage. I’d start with one a day and see how you feel on that, then adjust upwards or downwards from there.


  7. Thank you for your information. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and I started the Raw Thyroid by Natural Sources today along with Selenium. I’m also going gluten-free and change to a healthier lifestyle all around. Hoping I can actually reverse this Hashimotos designation.


  8. i started giving Raw Thyroid to my wife a while back but i just read your article and i would try giving her that an hour before breakfast like you mentioned as she too loose hairs , i’m also stacking it with Thyroid Energy by NOW , is it ok ? although she is fine and doesn’t feel all the symptoms that she had when she was on the thyroid medication which was 50mcg she still finds it difficult to loose weight any advice on that .


    1. I’m sorry, but I’m not a doctor or health professional. I’m not qualified to give medical advice. I can only discuss my experience with this product.

      I can tell you that often hypothyroidism accompanies other conditions, such as PCOS, that make weight loss difficult. You and your wife might look into the possibility that she has insulin resistance. If so then she might have better luck with a low glycemic index diet like the Zone or Paleo diets.


  9. Thank you for your comments! I am taking raw thyroid because my blood tests have been coming back just outside of the normal range for years, so no one would treat any thyroid issues. I kept randomly gaining 20-30lbs for no reason, and not being able to get rid of it and I didnt know why. I had a new doc recently who was willing to listen and send me to an endo doc. That doc doesnt have an opening for months and there are mixed reviews on synthroid and the like, so I started researching alternative means. I started raw thyroid on Sunday, and I immediately noticed more energy. Its Friday, I still feel great and have lost 7 lbs.

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    1. I’m glad it seems to be working for you! I’m still taking it myself and it’s still helping. Best of luck to you!


  10. Hi there! This blog post and the comments have been really helpful for me. I was on 100mcg of Levothyroxine but feel much better using this thyroid supplement instead.

    May I ask where you purchase yours? Stores around here don’t carry it so I’ve been ordering online from Walmart, however the sellers and availability there are never constant. Thanks again for the great blog post.


    1. I’ve been getting mine at a local health food store. But I just moved so I’m actually looking for a good place to order it online.

      FYI, Solaray also makes a dessicated thyroid supplement. It’s more expensive and I don’t like it as well, but it’s tided me over at times when I couldn’t get ahold of a bottle of Raw Thyroid.


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