Kickstarter Update & Other Newsy Bits

Welp, guys, the Kickstarter is winding down, and barring a last-minute miracle, it doesn’t look like Ghost of a Chance, or any other sequels to Restless Spirits, is going to happen–at least not in the foreseeable future. I hate to throw in the towel early, but with four days left on the clock and only nine blessed backers, I think it’s time to get real and start thinking about what’s next. Of course, if you’d like to try and prove me wrong and make this book happen, it’s not too late to pledge.

In related news, the other day I did this interview with the blog Mameway Corner, wherein I talk a little about the Kickstarter and a lot about Restless Spirits, my process and other writerly things. And in case you missed it, a while back I did another interview for Scott Roche’s blog.

In completely UNrelated news, yesterday I finished the first draft of my short story project that I code-named Cellar Witch. I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that here but if you follow me on social media you’ve no doubt seen me mention working on it a time or two. Or fifty. It stands at a little under 10,000 words, which is just under the maximum word limit for the anthology I plan to submit it to for consideration, so it’s going to need some trimming.

So I’ll be working on that while I wait to see if that Kickstarter miracle happens. Next week, after the campaign ends and the dust settles, I post another update here about what happens next.

What do you think?

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