I Did an Interview and Other Announcements

Here are various and sundry news-ish items you might like to know about:

  • I was interviewed by author H. Shussman for her blog. Among other things, I discuss who my favorite (of my own) characters are, which authors inspired and shaped my own writing, and my advice about both traditional and self-publishing. Head here to check it out.
  • Yesterday I sat down and started plotting the next entry in the Restless Spirits series, which I’m tentatively calling Bound Spirits. I still need to flesh out the subplots and put everything into outline form before I begin the first draft, but I think the main plot is pretty well hammered out.
  • Lastly, this doesn’t really have anything to do with my books, but I want to offer congrats to my pal Erin Palette for making it to the 10th bloggiversary of Lurking Rhythmically, which has featured a couple of my short stories in recent years. Erin is a vastly talented writer in her own right. If you’ve never read her blog, head over there to see what you’ve been missing for the last decade.

And hey, don’t forget that Love Letter (a Restless Spirits novella) is now available for 99 cents wherever e-books are sold! Here’s the Amazon link, and here’s the Vinspire page with all of the links to buy.



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