Bound Spirits: Making Progress

Since my last post announcing my blog break while I focus on writing Bound Spirits, I’ve added a little over 10,000 words to the 10,000 or so I salvaged from the initial draft, bringing the total so far to 22,275.

I wanted to get to at least 30,000 by the end of this month, so it looks like I’m on track to get close to that, if not right on target. If I can keep up this pace through the end of August, and include a couple of Saturdays spent holed up writing all day, I just might actually be able to meet my deadline. Hallelujah.

Here’s a little teaser with some sisterly banter to help tide you over.

“Could be. It’s a good working theory, but we shouldn’t assume the two hauntings are related until we have more to go on.”

“You’re right.” Chris blinked and looked at Ron. She wasn’t used to hearing those words come so easily from her sister. She went on like it was no big deal. “I think Joe and I should go back there tonight and see if we can get the White Lady to talk.”

“I think that’s a spectacularly bad idea.”

Now Ron looked surprised. “Why?”

“You’re kidding, right? Do you remember how her crying made you feel? It’s too dangerous.”

“Which is precisely why it should be Joe and me to try and interview her. So what if she’ll make us sad. It’s not like she can make us suicidal. Or like we can do anything about it if she does.”

“No.” At the defiant look on Ron’s face, Chris added, “Please? Let’s just wait until we can talk to Marsha’s grandma and find out what she has to say.” When Ron didn’t agree right away, Chris pressed. “Ron? Please promise me you won’t go over there until we all agree it’s the only thing left to do.”

Ron slumped a little, but said, “Fine. I promise.”

“Thank you. Was that so hard?”

“It wasn’t easy.”

“Well, I’m proud of you anyway. I’ll be even more proud if you actually keep your promise.”

What do you think?

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