I’ve Moved!

Sort of. I changed hosts, but I’m still located at jeanmariebauhaus.com. This post is for the benefit of anyone who subscribes to new posts via e-mail, a feed reader, or the WP.com reader. If you’d like to keep following my blog, you’ll need to re-subscribe to it at the new site.

Just click here to go to the new self-hosted blog. In the sidebar you’ll see options to subscribe via e-mail or subscribe in a feed reader.

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*Note that things are still in transition regarding nameservers and whatnot, so it might be a couple of days before this actually works.

This will be my last post here on WP.com for the time being. I’m leaving this blog up until I’m sure I’ve got everything moved over okay, and I may continue to leave it here as a backup in case the new site ever gets hacked or goes down for any reason. But barring that, come on over and visit my new site (same as the old site)!

It’s Happening…

I’m moving to a new web host. Jeanmariebauhaus.com might be down for a few days as a result. Meanwhile, you can still get here via jeanmariebauhaus.wordpress.com. Once my paid account here expires tomorrow, you’ll probably start seeing ads, and possibly even sponsored posts, inserted by WP.com. Those have nothing to do with me — they’re the price of a “free” account.

Once everything is moved over, I’ll announce it here and on Facebook. If you follow this blog via WP.com, you’ll probably have to re-subscribe over at the new host, or enter the new RSS feed into your WP.com feed reader. More on that once everything’s set up.

So let’s give self-hosted WP another whirl. I signed up for a three-year account. Here’s hoping I won’t regret this move…

So We Did a Thing…

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I was kind of amazed to look at the date this morning and see that we’re already a full week into March. March! Are you kidding me? It felt like February would never end, but now here we are less than a week from Daylight Savings time and only two weeks away from actual spring.

Weekend before last was a very full one. I spent Saturday, which is normally my sabbath/rest/be lazy as all get-out day, cleaning, going over my accounting and doing our taxes while Matt was out at an all-day thing. Then on Sunday we both went to another all-day thing with our new friends. It was a very long and full day and by the end of it I was completely introverted out, but I was also covered in tiny paw prints and slobber from our friends’ two adorable Chihuahuas, and that filled my heart in a way that it hadn’t been filled for too long. I also got to pet goats and pigs and got a lesson in gardening, so it was a day well spent.

I took Monday off to recover. Which mostly involved lazing around and watching YouTube and reading, but also a perusal of a certain section of Craigslist, which led to a decision made on Tuesday to do a certain other thing. Prior to that, my plan was to spend the rest of the week getting back into a writing routine for my novel and this here blog, but the rest of the week ended up being all about prepping for said thing instead.

And then on Friday, we went and did the thing.

Guys, meet Dixie.

At seven weeks and ten pounds, her favorite things are sleeping, belly rubs, chewing everything she can get her mouth on, and playing in the leaves.

We’ve had her now for roughly 76 hours but it feels like much longer. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that we barely slept the first night. We followed all of the YouTube trainers’ instructions on getting them to sleep quietly in their crate overnight, and those instructions did not work at ALL. I ended up caving and pulling her out of there around 1 AM and letting her sleep with me on the couch so we could get some sleep. That’s pretty much been the arrangement every night so far, and we’re very tired.

But otherwise, things are going well. She’s incredibly bright and has already learned a ton, and we’ve established a routine that basically goes like wake up, potty and eat and/or get a drink, play/train/exercise until she passes out, get stuff done while she’s asleep, repeat throughout the day until time for bed. Have I mentioned that we’re very tired?

Tired, but full. Her gotcha day was full of mixed emotions–we’re both still not over Pete, nor will we ever be, and it still feels a bit too soon for this. But at the same time, she’s already starting to fit in and feel like family. We’re all falling in love and learning and building trust, and I must say, it’s pretty amazing. And it’s a very different experience, too. For one thing, she’s the youngest puppy either of us has ever had, so the learning curve there is really high. For another, at seven weeks she’s already more than twice the size of Pete and growing fast (I think she might already have put on a pound or two since we brought her home). Although she’s tiny for a German shepherd, after him she feels huge.

Right now, at this stage, she enjoys a certain amount of lap cuddles, and we’re both trying to take advantage of that as much as we can while she’s still small enough for them. There’s that part of us that can’t wait for her to grow into an actual dog and not be such a handful to manage, but we’re trying to enjoy this stage, knowing how nostalgic we’ll be for this time a year from now when she’s five to ten times the size she is now. I don’t think she’ll get huge — her parents are both about mid-sized, as far as GSD’s go — but she’s a definite change from the tiny little puppers we’re used to.

Today we achieved a major victory — getting her to hang out by herself in her crate with the door closed without acting like she’s dying. Tomorrow, we’ll take some of the chicken wire we picked up for our eventual chicken tractor and see if we can rig up some kind of exercise/emergency potty pen around the front of the crate, and then we’ll work on getting her to sleep in the crate overnight with the door open into the pen, and work on getting me back into my own bed.

As I’m writing this, she’s sacked out on the floor next to my feet. Before long it will be time for another trip outside and another round of play and exercise until she’s ready to pass out again. We’re going to be in such great shape because of this dog, y’all. Don’t bother with a gym membership — just get a large breed puppy, and you’ll never miss a day of exercise.

But you will miss some sleep.

In other news, I signed on with another content marketing client — I’ll be helping out with a breed profile project for Chewy’s blog. And my steadiest client, the one who informed me early last month that they were slowing article production, is going to have me writing infographic copy instead, which comes with a significant pay raise. So things are looking way, way up in freelance writing land. Which means I can stop spending all my time and energy trying to find work and start focusing back on my novel and blog again… once we get this whole puppy sleep situation sorted out and my brain is functional for something more challenging than a stream-of-consciousness blog post.

This was indeed a long, dark winter, but spring is nearly here, and things are looking so much brighter. And in a few more weeks, we’ll get our chickens! Squee!

Writing & Publishing Update – October 9, 2020

Happy Friday, folks! It’s a chilly, rainy fall morning as I write this, although the sun’s fighting to come out. I’m wearing my fall flannel and I’m here with my favorite afghan, my dog (who is still hanging in there) curled up in my lap, I’m sipping Cinnamon Apple Spice tea out of my Boo mug, and a candle is making my office smell like pumpkin pie, and I’m loving every bit of it like the walking basic cliche that I am (at least it’s not a PSL in my Boo mug, so give me credit for that).

I just wrote and scheduled the official launch announcement for Revolution Part One to go out to my mailing list on Monday, so I’m feeling good about that. It actually releases this Sunday, and there’s still time to pre-order.

I’m happy to report that the writing has been going like gangbusters, albeit on my secret romance project that I mentioned in my last post. As for Revolution Part Two, I’m going through and polishing what I’ve got so far, which is quite a bit — nine chapters, some of which are massive. Once that’s done, I’ll go back to the editing and revising as I go method that worked so well for me on Part One. That way when I get to the end it will be DONE, except for the proofreading and formatting.

I’ve also got a draft of a stand-alone horror novella saved up from last year that I’ll be getting ready for publication after Dominion is all done and off my plate. Plus I’ve got plans to release all of the Dominion series wide very soon (that means everywhere else besides Amazon), and to release them all in paperback. And I’m sure there’s also a boxed set somewhere in the not-too-distant future. But all of that is down the road a bit.

Meanwhile, I’m striking while the inspiration’s hot on this sweet romance novel and working on getting a platform together for that pen name. Again, if you enjoy sweet and cozy romance, drop me a line or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to let you know where to find all of that. Otherwise, I’m trying to keep these audiences unmixy to protect my precious Amazon algorithms, hence all the caginess.

In other news, it’s Halloween all month long here at the Bauhaushold. We’ve got so many Halloweenish movies we want to squeeze in, not to mention snacks, that we can’t possibly do it all on one night, so we’re spreading it out through the month. We’ve already checked the original Halloween (although we’re sure to play that one again on the actual night), Prince of Darkness, Dark Night of the Scarecrow and the 2010 remake of The Wolfman off of our watch list, and that’s hardly putting a dent in it. I’m not sure what we’ll be watching this weekend, but I think we’re both ready to take a break from movies and squeeze in some of our favorite Treehouses of Horror and that perennial Halloween classic, Hilloween (so much nostalgia — I had many a Junie Harper in my life growing up).

Okie-doke — back to the word mill. Have a great weekend, y’all. ♥

Happy Halloween! I Brought Treats!




Okay, confession: these treats are recycled. We’re in the middle of getting ready to move and I don’t have time to run to Target and pick up new bags of candy make new content. But these old treats are still yummy, I promise!

Here’s me last year doing a Halloween live reading of my short horror story, Snack Machine:


And here’s me narrating two creepy pieces of flash fiction:



These are all featured in my short story collection, Midnight Snacks. Click here to get your copy. It also includes my horror novella Eucha Falls, which is available as a free standalone wherever e-books are sold. And if you like those you’ll also like my creepy story about a witch’s ghost, Weather Witch. Get it here.

But wait, there’s more! Before you go, be sure to check out my Restless Oklahoma and Stuff I Think You’ll Like blog tags for more spooky reads and recommendations.

And finally, here’s a Halloween tip: If you’ve got more candy corn than you know what to do with, try mixing it into your popcorn. We tried this the other night and it was the perfect mix of sweet & salty — and I’m not even a fan of candy corn. But that was a big bag o’ deliciousness.

Happy Halloween, folks. I hope you’re enjoying it this year. As for me and mine, we’re going to take a break from packing and prepping to enjoy our favorite monster movies and candy. What Halloween traditions are you enjoying this year? Shout it out in the comments!

Derek Brandt Inspiration

Character Inspiration: Derek Brandt

Derek Brandt InspirationIf you’ve read any of the alternative scenes from the original draft of Kindred Spirits I posted–or if you were one of the unlucky people who, to my embarrassment, were sent the wrong Kindle file on the day the book launched (a faux pas that was quickly resolved by my publisher, so if you blinked you missed it; I’m hoping you blinked)–then you won’t be surprised to learn that Chris Wilson’s nemesis-slash-love-interest was originally named Douglas Batey, and in my mind he bore a strong resemblance to Jeremy Renner.

Sometimes characters evolve as you write them, and in more ways than just character growth. This was one of those times.

And it turns out that the actor you envision in the role can make a big difference.

Writing the second draft of Kindred Spirits coincided with marathon binge-fests of Gilmore Girls as I got myself all caught up and ready to watch the revival mini-series on Netflix. And while I am not a fan of Logan Huntzberger (Team Jess all the way!), it wasn’t very far into his introductory season when Douglas/Derek suddenly morphed into Matt Czuchry, and everything clicked into place.

In my mind, Derek Brandt shares Logan’s looks, mannerisms and penchant for banter with none of his spoiled poor-little-rich-boy childishness. While he does have a stubborn streak a mile long, a tendency to become too single-minded in pursuit of his goals, and a penchant to be overprotective of the people he cares about, he’s also smart, caring, and he eventually comes around to admitting when he’s wrong. He also possesses courage and a mighty sense of justice, and he doesn’t let sentimentality or even loyalty stand in the way.

As for the name change, you can thank my husband, who pointed out that Douglas is a terrible name for a romance novel hero. While I happen to think it’s a perfectly manly name, I had to concede his point–plus it no longer fit the new and improved version of the character. I’m happy that I caved. Derek Brandt is a much better foil/match for Chris than Douglas Batey ever was.

Get to know Derek Brandt in Kindred Spirits before his next appearance in Bound Spirits later this summer!

Kindred Spirits Jean Marie Bauhaus

Short Story Preview: The Box

Adobe Spark(8).jpg

Here’s a sneak peek at a brand new flash fiction, the entirety of which will go out in my newsletter this Sunday. To read this and other stories that are exclusive to my mailing list, sign up here!

The box sat on the dinette table, a silent threat to everything Keely Brewster had worked so hard for. She sat and regarded it as she sipped her chamomile tea—it was supposed to keep her calm, but it wasn’t doing the trick. Maybe if she added a shot of bourbon—and mulled over what she should do. It had just shown up on her doorstep, all brown and nondescript. No postal marks, no return address, nothing to provide even a hint of where it had come from or who had placed it there.

The first thing she had done, after searching the yard and scanning the street for any sign of its deliverer, had been to get on her hands and knees and put her ear against it. There was no ticking, although that didn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t a bomb, of sorts. The enemies she’d left in her wake weren’t the sort to deign to use such backward human means as a mechanized explosive, although that didn’t preclude them from paying off a human assassin to get the job done.

A magic bomb, on the other hand, would be much harder to detect, and have much more far-reaching consequences than simply blowing Keely to bits.

The white-haired lady from across the street—Keely had only moved in last week, and hadn’t yet had time to learn any of her neighbor’s names —came out to walk her equally white-haired Scottish terrier. She stopped to stare questioningly at Keely, still down on all fours inspecting the box, prompting her to get up and, very carefully, bring the box inside, where she’d set it on the table before making herself a cup of tea.

Sipping and contemplating, she considered the list of people and other beings who would happily see her dead or dismembered. It was too long to count. After all, she’d killed countless of their kind. Some wanted revenge, some what they would call justice. Others just wanted to remove her as a threat to their existence. Nothing personal.

The former she could understand. The latter she wished would understand that she no longer posed them any threat. She was done with that life. She just wanted to raise her daughter in peace. Let someone else deal with all the monsters for a change.

More important than the question of who had sent the package was knowing how they had found her. She’d changed her name, her looks, her entire life so she could run to ground in the smallest nowhere town she could find that still offered her daughter a decent education. She’d done every possible thing to cover her tracks. This was supposed to be the end of running. A chance to put down roots and give her girl a normal life.

Whatever that meant.

She glanced into the living room, at the toys scattered among stacks of still-unpacked boxes, and thought of having to load those boxes back in the Jeep, having to pack those toys and explain to her little girl that the new best friend she’d already made at school was someone she’d never be able to see again, not even to say goodbye. She finished her tea, longing even harder for that shot of bourbon and lamenting her decision to quit drinking.

There was only one way to find the answer to these questions. She had to open the box.


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Kindred Spirits by Jean Marie BauhausWant to win a signed, personalized copy of Kindred Spirits?  To enter, all you have to do is head here to take my reader survey. You’ll not only help me get to know my readers better and figure out what I’m doing right and where I’m going horribly awry; you’ll also automatically be entered* for a chance to win a signed uncorrected proof copy of the trade paperback of my latest romantic paranormal mystery!

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