#JustWrite Challenge


Forget word counts. Forget quotas and goals. Forget writing well.

Just write. Something. Anything.

Don’t get me wrong. Goals can be great. They can be super motivating.

But at times they can also be weight that drags you down and prevents you from even getting started.

One thing that has helped me develop a(n almost) daily writing routine was to throw out my goals. To forget target word counts. And to not even worry about writing anything worth keeping.

If you want to have a writing career, the first hurdle you have to get over is simply getting your butt in that chair on a regular basis and thinking about your story. The next hurdle is to simply start writing.

So to help you get over those hurdles and form a regular writing habit, I’m inviting you to join me in the #JustWrite challenge.

How do you join? Just write. It’s that simple. If you want to be all participatory about it (which might make it fun and more motivating, both for yourself and others joining in), you can use the hashtag #justwrite toΒ let me and others who accept the challenge know so we can cheer you on.

If you like, you can also grab the following graphic and code to place in your blog posts/sidebar (I’ve also provided an LJ icon for LiveJournal users). If you link this page on your blog, be sure to drop a link back to your post or blog below!

What are you waiting for? Go sit your butt down and just write!

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