Facebook Author Takeover, and Novel Progress

FB-Author-TakeoverHey guys, I’m participating in my very first Facebook author event! My friend Hannah Gray Gordon is celebrating the release of her latest novel, The Vu: Gathering (which, by the by, I edited, and I don’t mind telling you that it was one of the most fun and pleasurable book editing experiences I’ve had to date), and she decided to share the spotlight by inviting me and a couple of other fantasy authors to take over the event page for an hour or so each. There will be fun and games and giveaways and prizes. Click here to see the full line-up and when each author is scheduled to take over, or just go to the Facebook event page and click on “Going” to sign up!

(Ignore the part about finding tickets. There are no tickets. It’s Facebook.)

I’m not sure what the other gals are planning, but I’ll be giving away some free e-copies of Dominion AND ALSO if there is time to prepare it I will be giving away copies of another thing that is a surprise. I may also debut a book trailer for Dominion, because I need to practice making book trailers, but that might be getting a might ambitious. At any rate, I would be overjoyed and also filled with gratitude if you would show up at 5 PM CST and keep me company while I hang out there for my allotted hour so I’m not just shouting and trying to give things to a bunch of crickets.


In WIP news, guess what! No, I’m not done. That would’ve been the main headline if that were so. But I’m getting close! Today I started the LAST scene of Act 2, which launches the events leading up to the book’s main climax. And as I suspected it would, the writing is going faster the closer I get to the end. Funny how they tend to snowball that way. Hopefully the next time you see a post here it will be to tell you it’s finished — or at least as finished as a first draft can be.

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