I’ve Moved!

Sort of. I changed hosts, but I’m still located at jeanmariebauhaus.com. This post is for the benefit of anyone who subscribes to new posts via e-mail, a feed reader, or the WP.com reader. If you’d like to keep following my blog, you’ll need to re-subscribe to it at the new site.

Just click here to go to the new self-hosted blog. In the sidebar you’ll see options to subscribe via e-mail or subscribe in a feed reader.

If you want to continue being able to read my blog in your WordPress.com Reader, click the Manage button next to Followed Sites and paste https://jeanmariebauhaus.com/feed into the search box. A link to follow that feed should appear under the search box. Click that, and you’re done!*

*Note that things are still in transition regarding nameservers and whatnot, so it might be a couple of days before this actually works.

This will be my last post here on WP.com for the time being. I’m leaving this blog up until I’m sure I’ve got everything moved over okay, and I may continue to leave it here as a backup in case the new site ever gets hacked or goes down for any reason. But barring that, come on over and visit my new site (same as the old site)!

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